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The Lymphatic system is a remarkable and incredibly important part of the human body.

Working with our patients, we continue to be astounded by the benefits of this treatment.

For an independent ( Directors of Harvard and  Stanford University Medical Schools, Vice President - The Medical Foundation) 2 minute clip, please go to the following clip



What are the benefits?

E.L.T is both a preventative and curative and can enhance general well being as well as curing specific problems. E.L.T is highly effective in treating :

* Overall health boost; It strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels

* Promotes better skin – helps minimise wrinkles, wounds, inflammations etc.

* Relief from chronic conditions such as sinus problems, rheumatoid arthritis, auto immune deficiencies

* Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, tender breasts and diabetes

* Reduces swelling and pain in joints (particularly sport injuries) and increases flexibility

* Helps prevent breast and prostrate problems

* Relieves water retention – swollen ankles, tired puffy eyes

* Aids post surgery recovery; bruising and swelling

What does the Lymph actually do ?

Developed over 20 years ago in one of the top American hospitals, Doctor De Montfort specialising in blood noted the benefits to the Lymphatic system.
The Lymph system is a major part of the immune system & is a complex network of tissues, capillaries & Lymph vessels that produce & transport Lymph fluid around the body.Whilst the Lymphatic system contains twice as much liquid as the blood vessels, it lacks a pump, such as a heart to carry waste from the Lymph glands out of the body. 

Even the healthiest and most active people can get partially blocked and sluggish Lymphatic systems.

When toxins accumulate in the Lymph system the body becomes sluggish & possibly sick (sometimes without the person even realising) and clogged lymph nodes become lymph lumps, more commonly known as cellulite.

We all know massage is undoubtedly good for us, the remarkable American Electro Lymphatic Treatment is up to 12 times more effective than manual Lymph massage as it heals at a deeper level without applying any pressure to the skin.

By cleaning the Lymph system, this improves the blood supply, which in turn has a positive effect on every cell in the body. People report relief from a wide range of seemingly unrelated conditions.

ELT is widely used in many European hospitals & clinics and we now have the first of its type on the Costa Del Sol.


Our trained therapist will use a hand held wand to send high-frequency electrical pulses into the lymphatic system. These healing frequencies break up the congestion at a fast rate and so target an affected area efficiently.

The one hour session is painless and most people experience
a warm gentle tingling sensation.

Indicators that your Lymph system needs treatment:-

There are many physical signs of congestion in the Lymphatic System that can benefit significantly by improving Lymph circulation. Some of these include:

  • Water Retention, particularly in ankles or fingers, indicating fluid congestion
  • General muscle aches and pains or a stiff  neck, often as a result of sprains or whiplash
  • Cellulite and weight problems
  • Breathing problems, such as asthma or sinusitis
  • Breast lumpiness
  • Post surgery tissue congestion, scar formation or stretch marks
  • Skin problems
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Fibromyalgia
  • Stress, headaches and migranes
  • Glucoma 
  • Immune system problems

However even the healthiest person will benefit from E.L.T.

The breasts of a 65 yr old before and after 5 treatments 


The breasts of a 38 yr before and after 2 treatments


  The Nutri-Cleanse ELT Process

We are Harley Street trained and qualified and use the very latest electronic equipment from the USA, where it is FDA approved. The equipment was first developed over 20 years ago and has been used extensively in the US for over 10 years. 

The equipment has now been introduced into Europe and we are delighted to be the first in Spain.

The treatment is based on Quantum Physics, using electric energy to not only stimulate the flow but by creating a negative energy charge , which helps break up protein clusters that can cause blockages and clog up the Lymphatic System.

The number of treatments required will vary depending on the severity of the condition. In more severe cases, it is recommended to have treatments 2-3 times a week, reducing down to once a month. Treatment times will also vary, an average session will normally take 30-60 minutes.

  • We can reach areas that manual massage cannot reach. The major components of the   lymphatic system occur in areas protected by bony structure, such as the upper chest area. Electronic thereapy vibrates and stimulates the lymph nodes under the bone structure, which cannot be achieved manually.

·      We can treat areas that would normally be too painful for manual massage such as ME
and Fibromyalga. Electronic therapy stimulates the Lymph without putting pressure on the muscles.

  • We can generate quicker results than manual massage because we provide immediate blockage relief in the key Lymph nodes. If these nodes are blocked, then the Lymph will not drain away properly. For many conditions, Electronic Therapy will achieve as much in one session as in several manual massage sessions.

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