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Is what you are eating making you ill?


The quality of the food we eat and the influence of "convenience" processed foods and fast foods have placed incredible strain on our bodies' digestive system. Today, nearly one out of every two people experience intolerance to common types of foods or allergens.  As a result, many people are suffering from digestive dysfunction, leading towards more serious health issues.


At the same time, a weak digestive system can result in poor absorption of nutrients, which can lead to food intolerance, as the body reacts to undigested food as a foreign substabce or toxin. This puts pressure on the immune system.


There are an increasing number of peolpe suffering from cancers, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis and ME. These are conditions that can be caused by an overload of toxins in the body.


The process of colonic irrigation and intolerance testing are independent but mutually supporting treatments. It is vital to clear toxins from the body, but equally important to identify the foods that are causing them to develop.


Food intolerance Testing is simply knowing what foods, minerals and vitamins are received well by your body and which ones the body reacts against or is intolerant to. This allows a diet plan to be established that creates a healthier balance to the body and stops you feeling down and out, under exposure to specific conditions that you may be totally unaware of.


The following consultations are available

Food Intolerance

Over 120 foods checked, diets assessed & recommendations given


Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Identifies what you need, enabling you to take the correct supplement


Toxicity & Liver Function


Assesses where in the body the toxins are stored, how the liver is dealing with toxicity and the remedies needed for detoxing


Food & Toxicity Screening

The best place to start, valuable for long term good health and includes Liver Function

Food, vitamins, minerals and toxins

Builds a solid foundation for prolonged good health

Organic Meridian Screening
Once the body is detoxified, your organ functions can be assessed for likely problem areas and parasites
Follow up visits
At least one follow up visit is required after initial screening. If your condition has been long term or severe you can expect several follow up sessions over a longer period of time. An annual toxic assassment will help to maintain balance and good health.


The intolerance testing process involves the use of electronic pulses from specialised equipment to identify specific intolerances.


We use the latest advanced health screening equipment from the USA, the BioMeridian MSAS Pro, which tests for a wide range of food and drink intolerances and for toxicity as well as external allergens.






The testing process is painless and non-invasive. Whilst a stylus is applied to an acupressure point on the hand, a signal from the system stimulates the body’s energy flow for each of the items being tested (food type, vitamin, mineral, or toxin).


As well as intolerance to food. vitamins and minerals, the system will pinpoint the presence of  parasites, bacteria, viruses, metals and other active contaminants which may compromise the body's overall health and wellbeing.  


On completion of the screening, a printed report is produced providing detailed information on each item tested. From this information a dietary action plan can be created specifically for that person. This may require adjustments to diet, lifestyle, toxicity awareness and the introduction of vitamin and mineral supplements.


The therapists at Nutri-Cleanse are qualified with the Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, so will use the results of the test to advise clients on the most appropriate diet plan for their specific needs.

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