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About Nutri-Cleanse
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Nutri-Cleanse is a private clinic based in San Pedro, which offers complementary services for Colonic Irrigation, Lymphatic Drainage and Food Intolerance Testing. We are located on the beach side of the N340/A7 with easy parking.
The clinic has been in operation since September 2006, run by Judy Dixon and her daughter Helen ConwayThey are qualified Nutritionalists (Dip Nut Med) and have been offering food intolerance testing on the coast for 2 years. Both Judy and Helen are also UK qualified in Colonic Hydrotherapy (both I-ACT I and II) and Electro-Lymphatic Drainage.

Judy and Helen came into Colonic Irrigation through personal health experiences.

suffered from I.B.S. and digestive problems for many years and became interested in Nutrition as a way to better understand how to manage her problems. After developing Diverticulitis, she found great improvement in her condition after a course of Colonic Irrigation and this became a natural transition path from her Nutrition knowledge and experience.

has suffered from ME for over a decade, which was severely debiliating in her working life. Her conditon improved greatly after taking the Naturopath route to health. After Colonic Irrigation, she experienced a further improvement in energy levels and a major boost to her overall well-being.

Being convinced of the benefits, they both decided this was something they should offer to other people.

The understanding of body cleansing issues led them into the wider area of blood and lymph problems, many of which are caused by the same lifestyle triggers. The extension of colonic irrigation into lymphatic drainage is a natural extension of the body cleansing approach.

Also providing more in-depth Intolerance Testing for those clients that need it is Sheila Partridge. Sheila is also qualified in Nutritional Medicine, trained in the UK and USA and her main practice is in Harley Street, London. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of the MSAS System and is able to provide comprehensive body screening incorporating the body's major organs and systems.

There are 3 main components of the Nutri-Cleanse approach:

1) Create the
right environment for the client, to make them feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable with the treatment.

Nutri-Cleanse is based in a quiet close in Diana Park in a secluded position with its entrance off the road.  The clinic offers a separate shower room for clients to use after treatment.

2) Provide a fully professional service for cleansing the body, covering the blood and lymphatic systems and all the issues surrounding the colon and its functions.

By providing colonic irrigation, lymphatic drainage and food intolerance testing, coupled with nutritional advice, it is possible not only to address the
symptons of a sluggish lymph and colon disfunction, but to also investigate many of the causes.

3) To provide the client with the maximum personal privacy for the colonic irrigation treatment, which until now has often been viewed as embarassing by the individual.


By selecting the latest equipment from the USA, Nutri-Cleanse is able to offer a treatment that is private and discreet. The client is able to self-insert the tube, which is the size of a straw, without the presence of the therapist. Once the client is discreetly covered by a towel, the therapist will monitor progress and assist with massage.

These components make the Nutri-Cleanse experience both pleasant and beneficial for the client.

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